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There is no place better to take photographs than when on a once in a lifetime luxury African Safari. Gone are the days off carrying around tons of bulky equipment, and shooting through rolls of films. With today’s digital cameras you know exactly if you got the shoot you wanted instantaneously. Plus you can download the photos or even upload them to the cloud from your base camp via satellite.

Even if you are not a professional, Panasonic make an extremely light-weight 1.2ibs camera 12.1 mega-pixel Panasonic FZ150K with 24x super optical zoom that lets you take up close photo’s while being some distance away making this the perfect choice for you safari photographs priced at under $500 this simple to use camera will not disappoint for those looking to dive right in to photography at the deep end of Africa!

elephants drinking at water hole african safari

The plains of East Africa are each year the setting for the largest wildlife spectacle on the planet when the 1.5 million wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti plains towards Masai Mara hills of Kenya. Together with around 200,000 zebra, and gazelle they are followed along their journey by the predators that pick them off one by one.

The migration has no beginning and no end with the animals moving over 1,800 miles in a clockwise direction timed to coincide with annual rainfall and grass growth, eating the fresh growing grass along the way.

The best time to witness the migration is at the end of the rainy season (May or June) when the wildebeest have to cross one of the many  swollen rivers where giant Nile crocodile  are waiting for them.

The wildebeest arrive at the Mara River by the thousands waiting to cross; several days can go by with their numbers increasing all the time until finally they decide to go for it and on mass leap into the river frantically trying to get to the other side.

Some will make it while others will not, and yet they will come back year after year to the same spot to cross again with only the ones that were previously taken out of the gene pool knowing the fate that awaits.

The wildebeest can be seen at any time along their migration but if you want to see the river crossing you need to keep in touch with the movement of the heard to time it right. Most people of course are not flexible enough with their time to be able to do this so what we recommend is that you talk to your travel agent about arranging a mobile tented camp in the Serengeti these camps move with the migration throughout the year giving you the best chance of seeing this spectacle up close. When you hear the word camp do not be confused with camping as these huge tents are more akin to portable hotel rooms, yet with the ability to pack them away and move on it makes your Safari more of a certainty of seeing the game you have come to photograph for some adventure activities.

victoria falls waterfalls overhead

You can also combine a trip to another wonder of the world the Victoria Falls staying at the Royal Livingston hotel where you can relax in colonial spender while your every whim is pandered to. The Royal Livingston is the only five star hotel in Zambia, and its staff goes out of their way to ensure you have a pleasant stay. Besides the falls themselves there are many opportunities to partake in activities along the Zambezi River from a gentle river cruise above the river to white-water kayaking and rafting in the gorge below.

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